Wednesday, October 28, 2015

2-Bdrm Mission Apt Rent Lowered 26% for Open House

Remember my post of October 15th, all about the managing agent for where Mike and I live informing us that the owner originally wanted $4500 for the two-bedroom unit above us and since lowered her asking price down to $3950? I have an update.

Mike searched Craigslist for our address and found an ad from the listing agent hired by the management company, stating the apartment was now priced at $3295, and that there's an open house to show the unit to prospective renters.

We're curious why it's listed as a one-bedroom when all units comfortably contain two bedrooms, when the living room is used as a bedroom still leaving the den/TV room as shared space.

Is there any lesson to be drawn from this one unit in the San Francisco Mission, about how a landlord wanted $4500 only to drop the asking price down by 26% to $3290? Not sure there's a larger point to be made about the state of affordable rental housing here.


Anonymous said...

I can guess a reason why the apartment is a one bedroom and not a two bedroom. Recently, Supervisor Jane Kim added new occupancy limits to the rent control ordinance. The new rules are referred to as "Eviction Protections 2.0". The owner wants to limit the number of tenants in the unit and by stating the unit is a one bedroom that is the best way to protect from more "roommates" from moving into the unit after the lease is signed.

Stephen R. Stapleton, Sacramento, CA said...

In order for a room to be a bedroom, it must have a closet. Thus, the living room, while it could be used as a bedroom, can only be listed as a bedroom if it has a closet.