Friday, October 16, 2015

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No Renters for $3950 Two-Bedroom Mission Apartment

The unmarried gay couple that lived directly above us on Clinton Park, btwn Guerrero and Valencia Streets, moved out at the end of May. Their two bedroom apartment has been empty ever since.

Yesterday, Rob, our building's manager for the landlord who lives in Washington state, stopped by for maintenance reasons and I asked him why apartment number three remains vacant. Considering how sizzling hot the Mission is right now, and the sky-high rents a lot of techies are paying to be here, it just doesn't seem possible an apartment would not have tenants for an extended time.

Rob said the landlord wanted $4500 and it took a while to talk her down to the current asking rental price of $3950. A leasing agent has shown the apartment ten times and no one who viewed expressed interested in signing the lease.

When I asked Rob how this could be, with a boom taking place and all, and he replied that the market is softening. Oh, news to me.

Mike and I are not complaining that the apartment is empty because it means our homo-home is very quiet, but it sure as heck seems odd no one wants to rent the two-bedroom flat.

Exterior shot of the empty apartment.

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