Friday, October 23, 2015


Mayor's Vatican Junket = SFPD's $11,380 Protection Costs

My public records request to the San Francisco police department last week, for names of personnel who traveled out of town, and the reason why, from January 2013 through the end of September.

Responsive records show a total of $325,508 was spent over all for taxpayer money reimbursed to police personnel, but what stood out were the blank columns for names of officers who provided protection for Mayor Ed Lee when jetting off around state, country and globe-trotting.

Total costs of protecting the mayor came to $67,925.

There are thrity-seven listings for mayoral trips and the most expense tab for us was $11,380 to give Ed Lee security during his junket to Vatican City in July to meet with Catholic leaders about climate change.

You can read the document where the figures came from here.

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