Thursday, October 22, 2015

How to Write-In Petrelis 4 Mayor Campaign Video

This week, I took the final steps necessary to become a qualified write-in candidate for mayor of San Francisco. Enough valid signatures on my nominating papers were submitted to and verified by the Department of Elections. I had to swear fidelity to the national and state constitutions and to faithfully carry out my duties, if elected mayor.

Whether you're a mail-in voter or someone who casts a ballot at a polling station on Election Day, using a pen or market, you need to write my name on the write-in line for first choice in the mayoral race section of your ballot.

IMPORTANT INFO: You need to connect the arrow pointing to my name that you've written in. The image below gives you a visual reminder of how to properly cast your vote for me.

Check out my video and I hope to receive your vote for mayor of San Francisco this election season.

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