Monday, July 13, 2015

Todco Group's $25,000 Paid for Mission Moratorium Measure

The further nonprofitization and housing corporatization of Plaza 16 and the effort to address various housing crises in the Mission was unveiled today with a filing at the Ethic Commission.

The Committee to Save the Mission, sounds like a Christian evangelical outfit but that's another matter, filed its first financial report it shows that San Francisco resident Gabriel Medina of MEDA, gave $100. Also contributing were Oaklander Sam Ruiz, executive of the Mission Neighborhood Center, $500, and Medina's political outfit the Latino Democratic Club, $500.

Biggest contribution came from the Todco Group, which gave $25,000. Nice chunk of change, wouldn't you say?

I'm getting up to speed on this entity and here is what they share on their web site about their mission:

"TODCO Development Co. (GP/TODCO A, Inc.) is the housing development division of the TODCO Group, the community-based housing/community development nonprofit corporation for San Francisco's South of Market Neighborhood.

"TODCO Development Co. plans and develops new and rehabilitated senior and SRO affordable housing, with 968 units completed in eight properties since 1977. The TODCO Group also directs asset management of its developments, provides resident services programs for its tenants, and undertakes a range of community development and community planning programs for South of Market communities."

So much for the Mission moratorium measure being driven from the district and by the community.

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