Friday, July 10, 2015

'Evict Ross, Ban Guns' Protest Sign at Mirkarimi's Shooter Presser

The sheriff of San Francisco held a press conference inside his office at City Hall this morning and I went to hear what he had to say since he's not announced a town hall meeting and held a Q & A with citizens about the tragic murder of Kathryn Steinle by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez.

I also wanted to get out a message against Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi and the fact he's evicted more than 3,000 tenants since he took office four-years ago. There needs to be pressure on him and his reelection campaign to halt all evictions until credible solutions are implemented creating affordable housing.

My second message was against guns. Let's talk about banning them and ammo to finally begin a national conversation addressing our gun culture and laws.

Longtime progressive community photo documentarian Steve Rhodes was at the presser today and snapped this pic of me outside Mirkarimi's office. Thanks, Steve!

Here are photos I took of Mirkarimi addressing the gaggle of reporters and a shot of some of the cameras, photographers and scribes crowded into his office this morning.

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