Thursday, July 09, 2015

Mission Moratorium Measure Misses Finance Filing Deadline

Stenographer to Mission Inc and San Francisco progressives, Tim Redmond of the 48 Hills site, delivered a few deets on the Committee to Save the Mission's efforts to get on the November ballot with a anti development measure on July 7. 

That was the day thousands of signatures were turned in to the Department of Elections and Redmond said $10,000 was raised so far.

According to Jarrod Flores of the Ethics Commission, which tracks fundraising and expense reports from candidates and committee, in a phone chat this afternoon, the committee's leaders were supposed to file a bi-monthly (every two months) statement on July 7 for all financial activity through June 30 but failed to do so. 

Flores said the commission has been in touch with the committee and been informed that the lateness is because of health issues with the treasurer.

Once the commission receives the electronic filing of the expense report, it will quickly be published to their site.

This the Form SFEC-113 from the Committee to Save the Mission submitted in June.

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