Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sheriff Mirkarimi: 52 Completed Evictions in June

At the end of June, after requesting public information from the San Francisco Sheriff, the beleaguered Ross Mirkarimi, his office provided me with statistics showing a total of 3,158 evictions during his tenure up to the end of May 2015.

Today, I learned the deets on evictions for the past month:

"Hi Mr. Petrelis, Pursuant to your request for records I am providing the following: the Sheriff’s Department completed 52 evictions in June, 2015. The same number of properties would have been turned over to the owner or owner’s representative when the eviction was completed. Freya A. Horne Chief Legal Counsel"

Adding the 52 new evictions to the 3,158 figure, the new total number of evictions of tenants under Mirkarimi is 3,200. Freya Horne is pictured on the right in this photo.

We need an eviction moratorium.

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