Monday, October 07, 2013

Why is Manning on SF Pride Agenda for Tuesday Nite?

There are two San Francisco Pride meetings of the board of directors open to the public every month, but unfortunately that info is not currently on the organization's site. The page for the board lists only their regular board meeting, held the first Tuesday, and then a general membership meeting on the second Tuesday.

To better engage with the community, both voting members and the general queer public, Pride needs to share the info about tomorrow night's meeting along with informing visitors to their site about the general membership meeting schedule.

I don't know why the agenda shows 25-minutes are set aside to deal with a proposal to have Pride endorse a gay vets' group's fundraiser for WikiLeaks heroine Chelsea Manning. As someone who was critical of Pride rescinding a grand marshal honor for Manning and a support of hers, I don't see the value of Pride devoting more meeting time to a matter very tangential to the organization and next year's event.

I'm not sure that Pride should be in the business of endorsing this and other fundraisers or protests and other actions, because I can easily see the board and membership's time and energy getting very side-tracked with an long list of events wanting an endorsement.

As a voting member, I was sent this info via email and I appreciate receiving it:

Due to an expressed increased interest in the upcoming membership meeting to be held on Tuesday, October 8, 2013 at 7pm, SF Pride has acquired a larger venue so that all members present may more comfortably attend. 

We wish to cordially invite you to the October SF LGBT Pride Celebration Committee members meeting which will be held at: The Eureka Valley Rec Center, 100 Collingwood Street near 18th Street in the Castro.

Items for discussion include: 

- Approval for SF Pride to co-sponsor a benefit for Chelsea Manning on Oct 27, 2013 being hosted by The Bob Basker Post 315 of the American Legion, San Francisco Veterans for Peace, Chapter 69 and the Private Manning Support Network. 

- Scheduling a forum on military recruiters at the Pride Celebration. 

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John Iversen said...

I see nothing wrong with this. chelsea deserves a whopping apology and Eric Plante and Lisa Williams still need to be fired. And there should be no military recruiters at a peaceful event. How about gary virigina as a candidate for Weiner's seat?