Monday, October 28, 2013

Ignoring Judge's Order, Castro Supervisor Emails Me - 6th Time

(Click to enlarge and see the date stamp of when the victim sent me his latest newsletter.)

The District 8 member of the Board of Supervisors wasted an estimated $26,000 in City funds to carry out a vendetta against me after I snapped his photo in a public City Hall men's room a year ago this month. He ginned up the criminal justice agencies - the sheriff, the district attorney and the police - to put the screws to me and clogged up the court with a matter that could have been settled via mediation at the Human Rights Commission.

The Supervisor had the district attorney's office drag me though eight months of court hearing, alleging great fears if I came near him - with a camera. During negotiations, Superior Court Judge Sam Feng ordered the district attorney to tell the victim and his staff to cease and desist with any contact from him and his office to me. Did the DA fail to follow the judge's directions?

As I blogged about in September, he's sending me his monthly newsletter again via one of his City-funded email accounts. During the eight months of court proceedings where he had the district attorney arguing there should be draconian measures to keep me from contacting him, the Supervisor emailed his newsletters to me four times.

Here it is October and he's still hitting my in-box with his current newsletter, which contains invitations to several events where he'll be speaking. Ugh.

Maybe the Supervisor's fans and mouthpieces in the local media - Joe Eskenazi of the SF Weekly, C.W. (Chuck) Nevius and the editors of the SF Chronicle - can tell me how many victims in such criminal matters as the one I had with the politician, continue to communicate with their perpetrators and extend invitations to join them at public functions, while willfully disregarding a judge's order.

Really, six emails with newsletters from the Supervisor undercut his victim status and many of the allegations he lodged against me.

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