Sunday, October 06, 2013

Weekend Woof #55: Fine Folsom Fellas

There are a number of photos snapped at last weekend most fabulous Folsom Street Fair ever, that I wasn't able to use in my official report and photo-essay about the fair. I'm putting the photos up now and going over them again, I am reminded just how terrific the fair-goers were both in terms of sharing their fine selves and getting their freak on in a very public way.

Many thanks to all the dudes who struck a pose or two for my camera and the men who caught my queer eye as my camera was ready to snap away.

(One of the best set of nipples I saw all day belonged to this dude. Click to enlarge and truly appreciate his erect nipples and large hand tugging down at his pants.)

(The super-friendly sexy chub Charlie, who was one of my faves at the Dore Alley Fair, parading around Folsom with a drink.)

Mother Nature cooperated so well at last Sunday's Folsom kink extravaganza, shining down lots of sunlight and warm temps, that led many fine fellas to remove their shirts. If I hadn't been so busy posing for pix myself in my rainbow burka, I would have captured many more images of dudes attractive to my queer eye.

Let's not overlook our sexy friends who weren't shirtless who also graced my lens. The top dude in the white tee shirt had just enjoyed a laugh as he took my photo, the middle guy is Isaac who is so appealing he was in my Folsom report and now appears in a second photo with his fuzzy smiling face, and the final image is of my good friend John. When I see John in his dapper and comfortable finery, having just the time of his life at the fairs, I feel he blesses me with his happiness.

I hope your Folsom fair was as excellent as mine!

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