Thursday, October 24, 2013

Back in SF: Fotos of My East Coast Trip

I had a simply fabulous nine-day visit with friends and relatives back in New Jersey and New York, and returned home on Tuesday to my sweetie Mike. Still not over the stress of travel and jet-lag, but slowly getting back in the swing of things in San Francisco. My camera malfunctioned so all of these photos were snapped by my loved ones. Much gratitude to everyone who helped me have a joyful trip!

Say hello to my beautiful grandniece Malina, the big reason for my trip. She is held by my niece Alexis standing next to her hubby Kevin. 

My immediate family members gathered for this shot after we had lunch in Caldwell, New Jersey, with a few relatives where the star attraction, Malina, pictured in her car-seat, slept through it all. Front row, from the left: Kevin, Alexis and Mailina. Back row, l-to-r: niece Rose, me, brother John, sister Diane, nephew Keith and sister Angela. 

Last Saturday, I spent a wonderful afternoon visiting with Angela and her husband Tony, pictured, at their home in Wallkill, New York. Loved seeing them, laughing and eating, and also re-setting my seasonal clock enjoying the autumnal weather and the foliage of the mid Hudson valley area.

Tony and sister Angela smile for the camera in their kitchen.

Joining us at Angela and Tony's was Jay Blotcher, pictured, and his husband Brook Garrett, a very happy queer couple living the country life. 

On Monday evening, I saw friends from my activist days in New York and Washington, DC, at a diner in Chelsea. Starting on the left, Andy Humm, me, John Voelcker, Margaret Cantrell and Allen Roskoff. 

This is my friend George Carter, who gave me good advice during my episode with Bell's palsy and had me laughing during our informal and fun gathering.

Here I am with Saint Margaret of ACT UP/DC, who now lives in New Jersey with her wife. I fell in love with Margaret when we activists and roommates in Washington from 1990 through 1995. It was the late George Guarino who first designated her as a saint, and did so because she in the daytime was a pre-school teacher who at night dealt with angry and terrified boys. 

If it has not been for Saint Margaret keeping us focused on fighting HIV/AIDS and not each other, our ACT UP chapter would not have been as effective as we were. She truly was key to keeping us balanced and united.


Michael Strickland said...

Glad to see your face has returned to its expressive self. Welcome back.

Ang said...

Wonderful to see the gorgeous Saint Margaret. And you of of course sweet, amazing brother, big hugs