Thursday, October 10, 2013

Harvard Ends Fellowship With Disgraced Ex-HRW Gay Chief

Scott Long, pictured, the former head of the LGBT division at Human Rights Watch, notes in his automatic signature on all of his emails that he is a fellow with Harvard University. In February 2012, when he was again engaging in personal attacks on global gay activists with opinions different than his, I wrote to Jeremiah Montgomery-Thompson at the university asking for accountability and transparency about his research for them. Harvard said:

Dr. Scott Long is indeed visiting fellow with the Human Rights Program at Harvard Law School. He is undertaking independent research and writing on the topic of global LGBT and human rights advocacy in his time here as a fellow. Dr. Long's research findings, the conclusions he draws, and what he chooses to publish, however, are his responsibility, and do not reflect the intent or official position of Harvard Law School or the Human Rights Program, and should not be imputed as such. That being said, if you have questions about his research you can send them to this email, and I will try to have someone contact you in a timely fashion.

My questions about his research were never answered and, of course, Long continued with his nasty jihad against gay activists and emails signed as a fellow at the university. This week, I contacted the university again about Long's latest attacks and asked if he was still affiliated with them. Robb London, the chief of communications for Harvard Law School, replied:

Your email has been forwarded to me for reply. I can confirm that Scott Long was a visiting fellow at HRP and is not currently a fellow. Beyond confirming prior affiliation, the Law School does not publicly disclose any other information in response to public inquiries about former fellows. [Link to page listing former fellows.]

So much for Harvard explaining if they have concerns about Long still identifying himself as a fellow and his research, which judging on his continuing vendettas will probably be another one of his grudge reports.

Here's some important homo-history about this self-appointed global gay gatekeeper. He and his former employer in June 2010 were forced to issue this amazing statement:

Human Rights Watch (HRW) apologizes to Peter Tatchell for a number of inappropriate and disparaging comments made about him in recent years by Scott Long, director of HRW's LGBT program. We recognise that personal attacks have no place in the human rights movement.

Mr Long said: "Although we have our different viewpoints, I respect Peter Tatchell's contribution to human rights and apologize for any condemnatory and intemperate allegations made in haste and for any inaccurate statements made in my personal capacity."

Two months later, Long resigned from HRW and despite his apology to Tatchell he's kept up a jihad against the London-based campaigner on various listservs and his blog.

According to Long, it's not just Tatchell but practically every other Westerner who's expressed concern or shown solidarity with gay Russians in recent month that is a problem bigger than any Russian anti-gay propaganda law or hateful politician. Name almost any global LGBT issue that generated a modicum of interest from activists or reporters, and you can be sure Long has attacked them.

Why? Because they are not toeing his party line, asking his advice or as brilliant as he thinks he is. It says much about what so terrible about Long that his paper trails and email trails show more criticism and personal attacks against LGBT activists and straight allies than anything to do with holding anti-gay politicians accountable for their human rights abuses targeting gays.

Permit me to say I am not pleading for no criticism against Tatchell or other activists and reporters. Heck, I've taken my friend Peter to task recently and even though we have opposing views, we can criticize each other and still work in unity on global LGBT issues.

Regarding Long and his endless picking on and demonizing of an ever-expanding list of enemies, I know he's never going to curb his ego and attacks, but I would like that any nonprofit or university that associates with him take public stands against his abusive methods especially when his emails are signed identifying him with the institution.


Simon Forbes said...

These positions are often very short term and so the fact it came to an end now may not mean much. Interesting their caveat about what he has been researching and writing though. In order to survive in the academic world he needs to be able to publish and having something withdrawn and repudiated by a publisher does not exactly assist with that. Reading between the lines it looks as if he is trying to get some other tiresomely malicious and defamatory slagging of activists published as if anyone in particular would want to read that. People would be far more interested in reading a book about the general situation in Egypt which he has been visiting with some frequency but that seems beyond him. Neither of us would want Scott to go hungry so if success in academia eludes him maybe he could have a stab at being a particularly waspish Broadway critic. As an English Literature PhD he is well qualified and would be invited to all sorts of exclusive parties on the Upper East Side where he would be in his element. He could also act as a political adviser in a Senate race for a candidate that wants to fight particularly dirty and personalised campaign.

Melanie Nathan said...

LOL and thanks Michael and also Simon for the chuckle. As a more recent target of Linger Longer Long it made a fun read.

However what is especially interesting is while he was slandering/insulting me in public forums - he was sending me private e-mails trying to solicit my opinion in one instance and trying to get my attention in another instance. And in both cases - he was using his Harvard visiting fellow designation in his signature line. Does he get to use that signature in perpetuity and why is his name not included on their website of visiting fellows?

I also wonder what Harvard would think if they were to view some of the e-mails he sent where he tacitly associates Harvard in his snide, ludicrous and attacks - all unprofessional and so vitriolic?

Here was his signature line in the email to me dated July 27, 2013.

Scott Long
Visiting Fellow, Human Rights Program
Pound Hall 401
Harvard Law School
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138
Tel.: (+1) 718-223-0808 (cell)

Marcus Linger said...

Melanie (and Michael)

I have also seen Scott Long use this footer to his emails, in the last few months. He may still be using it for all I know.

Yet, if you look at this snapshot of the Harvard website, from September 2012, it is clear that he was no longer a Visiting Fellow:

So the real question is not: why did he leave. His visiting fellowship may well have only lasted a year or so.

No - the real question is, why did he claim to be a Visiting Fellow at Harvard, long after he ceased to be one.

Michael - I'd love to know the answer to THAT question.