Saturday, August 25, 2012

Milk Plaza Safe for Tippi Hedren
to Visit With No Fear of Pigeons Pooping

On Thursday morning, a subcontractor hired by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency came to Harvey Milk Plaza and with use of a crane lift, applied bird repellent gel on utility poles and cables. The gel, effective for 12 months. should prevent pigeons from landing at those spots, then befouling the plaza with their excrement.

Andrea Aiello, the executive director of the Castro Benefit District, spearheaded this successful effort with the SF MTA and in less than two weeks was able to bring a solution to the pigeon pooping problem to this historic public plaza.

I phoned the president of the Merchants of Upper Market Castro, Terry Bennett, at her Cliff's Variety Store to complain about the filthy poop-smeared rainbow flag banner on the utility pole at Castro and Market Streets. Those banners throughout the neighborhood are the responsibility of MUMC. Bennett promised to have the maintenance person who tends to the banners remove the dirty plaza banner.

Thank goodness Bennett didn't play any of the usual MUMC games about why they can't do something at the request of a community member, as they do when the issue is the iconic rainbow flag in the center of the rundown plaza.

The photos were snapped by CBD's Aiello and please give her credit if you use the images. Thanks Andrea, for the quick movement to get the gel applied to the plaza!

Now, Tippi Hedren and all of us can go to Harvey Milk Plaza and not be shat upon by the birds.

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