Monday, August 20, 2012

Democracy in Action:
SF Sunshine = Good Govt Blog

(Cartoonist Adam Zyglis' illustration from 2006 sheds light on the importance of letting the sun shine in!)

A few weeks back, I launched a much-needed blog to aid in maintaining democratic principles in San Francisco that's dedicated to collecting the work of other sunshine and good government advocates: San Francisco Sunshine Equals Good Government.

So far, I've published the writings or artwork of sunshine veterans Doug Comstock, editor of the Westside Observer, journalist Richard Knee, open government advocate Kimo Crossman and the amazing Patrick Monette-Shaw, he of many talents that leaves many in the pro-sunshine movement in awe of his resourcefullness and bird-dogging of the various anti-sunshine forces.

Coming soon are fabulous columns from Bruce Brugmann and Tim Redmond, explaining the recent and current attacks on the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force. I plan to keep my sunshine blogging here on this blog, and to maintain the SF Sunshine = Good Govt site for key pro-sunshine and transparency advocates.

Check out my new sunshine blog here and visit regularly, because the pro-sunshine forces have much positive news to share about preserving and expanding open government in San Francisco.

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