Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Video: Polina Savchenko, Russian LGBT Activist,
Makes Friendship Visit to San Francisco

It's been a few weeks since Polina Savchenko of St. Petersburg, Russia, made a successful week-long visit to Northern California, and I'm pleased to now share with you a video showing just a handful of interactions she experienced with our fabulous local LGBT communities.

For people who have not met Polina, here is your opportunity to see her in action creating political collaborations and personal friendship. We believe our video illustrates her intelligence, strong commitment and warmth, qualities that have won her fans at home and increasing in other countries.

Many thanks go out from Gays Without Borders/San Francisco to all who assisted in making Polina's time with us productive and full of fun.

However, one person must be singled out and praised for his time and expertise in creating this tape. That would be Ken Hodnett, a longtime volunteer community documentarian. Kenny, dear friend, you are a treasure to me and for the community.

All interested persons are invited to join the QueeRussia Google group started by LGBT Russians, to foster respectful communication and understanding between them and their colleagues in Europe and the United States.

The HD YouTube version is here and this is the standard edition:

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