Friday, April 08, 2011

Saturday Fundraiser for Immune
Enhancement Project at El Rio

Since April of 1995, I've been a client at the Immune Enhancement Project in the Castro district receiving healing treatments of many modalities. From acupuncture to Reiki sessions to Chinese herbs, my immunity has been boosted by the treatments and caring practitioners.

When IEP's city funding was jeopardized on several occasions, I wrote letters to the health commission on their behalf and also lobbied the Board of Supervisors to keep municipal money flowing to the alternative medicine clinic. IEP's services are low-cost and I often throw an extra few bucks into their donation box, to keep the clinic open and thriving.

Tomorrow, April 9, there is a grassroots-organized fundraiser for IEP at the El Rio bar at 3158 Mission Street that kicks off at 5 pm. Loads of humorous, multi-talented and sexy performers of all genders and colors will be on hand to entertain the crowd. Please stop by El Rio, have a great time and help keep this healing community clinic operating.

The BF and I have alternative plans, but we're sending the clinic a check to show our support. You can show your love for the clinic by snail-mailing a donation to them. Send contributions to: Immune Enhancement Project, 3450 - 16th Street, SF, CA 94114.

And thank you, IEP practitioners, administrators, healers, Reiki masters and volunteers for your decades of boosting the immune systems of many people, not to mention all the good karma you all have put out to the universe.

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