Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rights Activist Deplores Antigua's
Vote Against Gay UN Resolution

What's in the news down at the Antigua Observer today related to gay people? An article about one courageous person pushing the government to step up to the plate and recognize gay rights equal human rights:

Human Rights Activist Sir Clare Roberts has told government it should have taken the lead in the local fight to reduce stigma and discrimination against persons of a different sexual orientation by signing a recent United Nations statement on Gay Rights.

“Government has to set the trend. It can’t just follow the sentiments of the populace; you have to do the right thing and lead people in the right direction. I suspect Antigua did not sign because it would not make for good domestic coverage,” he surmised.

The former president of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights was referring to the agreement which 85 states signed last month, committing them to taking steps to end violence, criminal sanctions and related human rights violations linked to sexual orientation or gender identity. ...

Sir Clare added that the answer is “education, education, education, in whatever form, because the intolerance is growing. You just have to listen to the talk-shows. People have to be educated as to human rights and the rights of others.”

And speaking of that intolerance toward gays in Antigua, all you have to do to read it is check out the comments left so far at the Observer's page for this story.

Here we have the outrageous belief that gays perpetrate the human rights violations against each other, expressed in the first comment:

we nar sign up -no wey…how many other place/counrty dnt sign up.. den u,s asay bout human rights,,who/what human rights wen dem commit d most violations gainst dem own ,neva mind d world at large….FIRE

The second comment is just as outrageous and uses religious bigotry to advocate against tolerance and respect for gays, and the writer tosses in a ridiculous claim that they don't support anyone abusing gays. Well, the note is one form of disrespect and contributes to an atmosphere that can lead to violence against gays:

I am in total agreement with the government’s stance on this issue. Most people in this beloved country may also agree. The moral law of God is deeply rooted in our hearts, and so we will not condone such acts that are contrary to the law of God, whose standards we ought to emulate, and not those of men. 

It may be politically correct to say being gay/lesbian is natural and their acts are not wrong; but deep down even gays and lesbians know that that lifestyle is wrong. For instance, with lesbian couples, there is usually one who is more feminine and the other who is more masculine. ...

I would be quick to add, though, that I do not support any one who decides to abuse someone who is gay/lesbian. All of us have and do sin in one way or the other; including fornicating and committing adultery and bestiality. ...

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