Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Germans Protest Honduran Gay Murder;
Vid, Pics, Report

Gay organizer Chicago Rose is distributing a wonderful video, short report and stark photographs from an action earlier today in Berlin. The demonstration focused on several gay and democratic concerns, including the unsolved and unprosecuted murder of Walter Trochez, a young gay man and AIDS advocate, who opposed the coup. Here is the written report:

Approximately 200 people participated at some point to the demo today, during a Berlin cold snap -10 degrees celsius. [Brrrr. That is 14 very cold degrees Fahrenheit. -michael.]

The demo started in front the Department of Foreign Affairs (German State Department) and moved through the main streets during rush hour, escorted by a LGBTI drum choir yelling, "STOP HOMOPHOBIA!"

Hundreds of flyers were handed out to the bystanders calling for an end to the human rights violations in Honduras and non-recognition of the government which takes office January 27th.

The German Green Party and the Linke (Left) Party were present with representatives. The demands from our rally were handed over to the FDP party personnel after we arrived in front of the office.

The spirits and camaraderie was high, the activists, some with possible frost bite made their voices heard and we will continue to do so.

Many thanks to all show braved the freezing weather in Berlin, to show up and protest. And these are some pics from the protest:

Don't forget there will be actions happening on tomorrow in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. For more information on those protests, please read this post from yesterday.

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