Monday, January 09, 2006

Sullivan's Mistake on Site of Dubya Library?

Methinks Andrew Sullivan has erred about a decision by Dubya on where his presidential library will be constructed in Texas. He writes:

> Lubbock, Texas, is the place the president often refers to when he talks about the heartland of America, and it's where his library will be sited.

I blogged about the matter of his library back in Sept. 2005, because the deadline for submitting proposals to host his presidential papers was in the Texas newspapers, and I didn't recall anything about a decision being made regarding a site.

From the Ft. Worth Star Telegram; 9/15/2005:

> President Bush, who is expected to make a decision sometime next year, guaranteed that the library will be built in his home state by inviting only Texas contenders to make a bid. Others in the hunt for the presidential library are Texas A&M, Baylor and a 10-city West Texas coalition that would base the library-museum at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, with a component in Midland.

A Google search today turned up no hits about Dubya arriving at a decision on which lucky university in Texas will house his White House archive.

Andrew, are you sure his library is sited for Lubbock?

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