Monday, January 23, 2006

Best New Blog Nominee: The Petrelis Files

You can't vote early and often in this political horse race, but I'd sure appreciate your vote for this blog of mine, which has been nominated for a web award of sorts.

Honestly, I'd never heard of these bloggie awards before now and I'm honored to be among such grouchy political bloggers, a few of whom are listed below.

I'll let Pam's House Blend sum up the Koufax "Best New Blog" nominees:

> If you love surfing the progressive blogosphere, you're going to see quite a few familiar stops along this list. Wampum has the Koufax nominees up for Best New Blog.

> These are just some of the fine blogs that I read that made the cut: The Adventures of the Smart Patrol, Agitprop, Blue NC,, firedoglake, Good as You, The Heretik, My Left Wing, Pensito Review, The Petrelis Files, The Reaction, Some Watery Thoughts, Street Prophets, Unclaimed Territory by Glenn Greenwald.

> There are many more over at Wampum, and all deserve your review this year.

Visit Wampum now and show your support for the Petrelis Files! Thanks much.

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