Friday, January 27, 2006

S.F. Lecture on Polish Gays, Women on Jan. 30

Many of us who follow gay issues beyond America's borders are painfully aware of how gays in Poland are struggling for tolerance, despite outrageous homophobia from the Polish government, too many average citizens and Catholic leaders. At times, it seems to me, Polish politicians and priests would like nothing better than to eradicate gays and their supporters from the country and no effort is spared to whip up hatred.

If you want to read some excellent background stories on this situation, check out the best U.S. source on the web for stories about brave Polish gays heroically demanding respect at veteran journalist Doug Ireland's always-informative blog.

For those of us living in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have a rare opportunity to attend a lecture about gays and women in Poland, delivered by University of California scholar Izabela Filipiak at the Commonwealth Club on Monday, January 30. The cost is $15 for nonmembers of the club, free if you belong to it. There's a reception starting at 5:00 p.m. and Ms. Filipiak's talk is at 5:30. The Commonwealth Club is located at 595 Market Street.

I'm planning on attending this important lecture to learn more about the lives of gays and women today in Poland, and hope to see other gay and human rights advocates in the audience.

Here's the listing from the club about the lecture:

The conservative Law and Justice Party that forms the majority in the newly formed Polish cabinet has pledged to defend Catholic values. How does this impact LGBT rights and their prospects? What are the unanticipated political ramifications of E.U. membership for the Polish women's movement? Renowned Polish author and scholar Filipiak will tackle this thorny issue.

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