Friday, May 20, 2016

SF's Top Butt Doc Is Retiring After 36-Years of Service

At my last appointment with Dr. Robert A. Bush, he informed me that early next spring he's closing his proctology office at the Castro District at the Sutter Health's Davies campus. He's been providing medical care for a lot of butts for thirty-six years which, of course, includes the AIDS plague years.

Bob said it's time for him to do what he wants to with his husband and enjoy retirement together, and he wants his patients to have plenty of time to find other butt docs to see. Unfortunately, at this point, there are no other such physicians stepping forward to take over his practice.

Before leaving the examination room, I express thanks to Bob for his tremendous and outstanding dedicated service not only to Mike and myself but to all the gay men and others he's taken care of over the decades.

I also said many kinds word to his terrific staff, Cesar and Selene, for all of their service to myself and all the people who've passed their office.

One time at the Davies ER during a 2 am visit when I had horrible breathing problems, Bob was there tending to a patient with a rectal emergency. Until then, I had no idea he got out of bed at all hours to deal with patients in need at the ER.

It's so like Bob to inform me way in advance of his retirement about him closing down his practice.

This means there won't be a proctologist in the Castro area, a big loss. Hard to accept that no butt docs want to take over his practice, but I hope that changes before Bob's retirement.

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