Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mike + Mike = 20-Years of Names On Rental Lease

The Write-In Petrelis 4 State Senate D11 Team has an important announcement to share on this glorious spring day.

Many moons ago, on May Day of 1996, Mike and I moved into our apartment and made a warm home day-by-day in San Francisco's Mission District, almost a full-year after first meeting and falling in love.

We are celebrating twenty-years of a lotta great living, fabulous loving and good laffs together in the same rent-controlled apartment with both our names on the lease. This important document is what is in our hands in the foto.

Yep, 21-years together and 20-years in the same home.

Somehow, we haven't gotten around to getting legally hitched but for all queer intents and purposes, we're a married couple and proud of it.

Mike + Mike = survivors and thrivers. Thanks for joining us on our life journey together and wishing everyone a fabulous long, holiday weekend.


Glenn Ingersoll said...

Congratulations on the love-controlled apartment!

Anonymous said...

Must be some magic with these Mikes!
Together all this time and at the same apt in a town this tough (Ellis Eviction-wise). Quite an accomplishment. Congrats and Hugs to you both!
Ken Hodnett