Monday, May 23, 2016

SFPD's FOIA Portal, Gun Buyback Stats & Cost Revealed

An online public records portal has been established by the San Francisco Police Department, I was informed today in response to my latest requests, and this is a step forward expanding transparency at the agency. When the portal went live and who within the SFPD set it up are questions I've posed to the public info officers and will share the answers when I receive them.


"GovQA Public Portal went live on May 9th, 2016. We released a press release regarding GovQA which I attached to this email. Responsive documents will only be able to be viewed by the person who requested them. GovQA was brought about by the Legal Division and is currently being used by the Legal Division, Police Commission, Media Relations and will also be used by the Body Camera Unit. We are hoping to expand it to other units within the Police Department in order to streamline the PRA process."

The SFPD also informed me today they found more responsive records pertaining to my request for data about the cost of the gun buyback program. It appears the City spent $50,000 for the buybacks in 2007/2008 and the money was administered by the Delancey Street social services nonprofit. No further info on costs from other years was located.

Public records show a total of 224 guns and rifles were purchased and taken off the streets of San Francisco in 2007 but it's unclear if the $50,000 was spent just on those arms or some of the money was used in the following years.

Here are the numbers of gun for the years 2003 through April 2016, purchased via the buyback program:

2003: 129
2007: 224
2012: 290
2013: 224
2014: 343
2015: 331
2016: 101

Total comes to 1,642. I've posted the list of all guns purchased and broken down by year for all to read here.

Let's all keep the pressure on the police department to increase transparency and to change their use-of-force policies.

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