Monday, May 09, 2016

SF's Gay Adult Male Tea Room Theater is Closing

To do my part in keeping commercial sex venues alive and thriving for the gay, bisexual and down-low male communities, I visited the Tea Room Theater in the Tenderloin over the years to assess the gyrations of the dancers and engage with the crowd.

On May 10, 2011, I blogged about this adult gay male theater circulating a survey among the clients, soliciting our opinions and shared a copy of the satisfaction questionnaire.

The Bay Area Reporter's Seth Hemmelgarn today writes that the Tea Room Theater is closing in a few days:

"The theater, which has been open for decades at 145 Eddy Street, offers male strippers, porn movies, and spaces where customers engage in sex acts. The business’s last day will be Sunday, May 15, according to one source who didn’t want to be named. The Tea Room’s owner couldn’t be directly reached for comment. An employee confirmed the closing but declined to be interviewed."

Sorry to see this sex venue disappear and another commercial adult activity business closing its doors, leaving only the Nob Hill Cinema to serve the needs of men who like to gather in bricks-and-mortar establishments and get off their electronic devices for male-on-male fun, stress-relief and sexual healing.

I'm fully cognizant of all the momentous changes in how queer men find each other thanks to the web and our wired lives, but the death knell for all sex clubs and bathhouses is premature.

There remain a few such venues and bars in the Bay Area and there will always be a need for physical gathering spaces.

Au revoir, le Tea Room Theatre!

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