Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Sup. Campos to Hold Market Rate Housing Moratorium Meeting

[UPDATE: Happy April Fool's! Hope you had a few laffs reading this prank post. Sure was fun to write!]

Thanks to a public records request, I have obtained this important information from the office of Supervisor David Campos and trust it is of interest to you and many others across San Francisco.

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Campos, David (BOS)
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Subject: Mission Moratorium Meeting

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It's with utmost pride that I today am announcing another step on the road toward enacting a market rate housing moratorium in the Mission District.

My office has arranged a town hall meeting to be held on April 15th, Tax Day, in close collaboration with community-based stakeholder nonprofits and grassroots activist groups.

Draft language for new legislation I will introduce at the May 1st Board of Supervisors meeting at City Hall of the Neighborhood Services and Safety Committee, will be presented at the town hall.

The forum will be at the Brava Theater, and the sole topic is our proposal to limit certain high-density housing construction in the Mission for an 18-month period.

Brief remarks will be made by Tom Ammiano, Tommi Avicolli Mecca, Tim Redmond and Tom Temprano about dismantling political echo chambers and engaging folks outside of our base of support, in order to cool off the heated luxury condo construction boom. Steven T. Jones will moderate the forum.

The legacy of my City Hall career will rest on retaining the proud Latino elements and heritage of District 9. I stand on the shoulders of giants - MEDA SF, the sorely-missed Bay Guardian, PODER, Causa Justa, the Harvey Milk LGBT and San Francisco Latino Democratic Clubs, and countless individuals - who invest their trust in me. A market rate housing moratorium is but one ingredient of my legacy.

I have to give the people hope, and remind them that when a handful of people understand the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice for all, then they are ready to climb every mountain, ford every stream, and follow every rainbow till we find our dream.

Come join us on April 15th at the Brava Theater!

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