Monday, April 20, 2015

How Many Folks Are Clients at Mayor Lee's Homeless Center?

A public records request to the Mayor's Office for census figures on the number of people who've accessed Mayor Ed Lee's homeless Navigation Center, located on Mission near 16th Street, produced the responsive documents here.

Last week, I obtained the homeless emergency declaration issued in January by the Department of Public Works in order to cut through City Hall red tape and allow construction work to start on the center, and the decree stated there are at least 6,000 chronically homeless people on the streets of San Francisco.

These charts and data come from the City's Controller's Office and show that a total of 31 individuals have been clients of the Navigation Center since it opened in mid March. While the number is relatively low, considering the 6,000 homeless folks on the streets and under freeway ramps, it's a start.

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