Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Italian Media: Dump Cordileone Ad in SF Chron = "Flop Survey" 

Curious as to whether either Vatican or Italian media reported on the full-page ad in last week's San Francisco Chronicle, calling on the Pope to dump Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, I googled for any coverage in Italy.

Here's a rough, broken English translation of what appeared in Il Foglio today:

"The flop of the survey to hunt Msgr. Cordileone: 88 percent say no
Faithful against crème de la crème in San Francisco
by Matthew Matzuzzi
22 Aprile 2015

"The Archbishop of San Francisco, Salvatore Cordileone One hundred representatives of the intelligentsia of Catholic San Francisco have decided to buy a full page in the newspaper San Francisco Chronicle to beg the Pope to remove the bishop from his chair. The San Francisco Gate accompanies the initiative even with a survey, but 88 percent of respondents said that Cordileone is untouchable."

That was not a scientific poll. It was a click-bait tool to attract eyeballs to the Chronicle's web site.

On Sunday, April 19, the magazine L'Espresso ran a long article about the controversial archbishop, the issues that motivated the Catholic leaders to take out the ad and the response of readers at the Chronicle's web site. Nothing about the anti-Cordileone ad was found at the Vatican's news site.

I'm not sure the ad's message reached the Pope, the Vatican's curia or Catholics in Italy. Perhaps to achieve that attention in Rome, the San Francisco folks who placed the Chronicle ad should run it in an Italian newspaper.

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