Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend Woof #73: Chilly Week, Attractive Dudes

Hard to believe I've kept up this series of images of fine eye-pleasing men and boys for more than seventy posts, but I guess it just goes to prove again that lustful desires are rarely far from the minds of men regardless of sexual orientation. Here's the latest batch of handsome dudes to catch my and grace the lens of my pocket camera.

It's impossible to pick a favorite this week among this fine group of guys. We may have had chilly days this week, but that didn't put a damper on finding attractive fellas to photograph. And how was your week for man-watching on the streets of San Francisco?

1 comment:

Robert Brown said...

you've got good taste but I like the man climbing the tree.

We've moved from the city and now living in the country. I miss SF. Thanks for the memories.