Monday, April 14, 2014

D8 Sup. Race Update: SF Ethics Commission Certification 

The past three weeks of additional organizing for my campaign for District 8 Supervisor have been full of many small steps, necessary to getting on the November ballot and asking district voters to give me one of their three ranked choice votes. Let's get to the updates.

1. My husband Mike Merrigan agreed to serve as my treasurer and he's been his usual fantastic great life-partner at my side. Btw, I've decided to use the word husband to describe Mike and my committed relationship with him, regardless of not being married.

It's cumbersome to say he's my life-partner, sounding somewhat legalistic, so husband is my word of choice until we come up with a better term for us queer couples who are in long-term relationships and unmarried. After 18-years together, we're more than entitled to call each other hubby.

2. We've opened an account at the Redwood Credit Union at Fox Plaza on Market and Polk Streets. As we completed the banking tasks with the adorable chub cub Jesse, walking past the large plate glass window was reporter David Elijah-Nahmod who also banks at this credit union. On the sidewalk, we had conversation about the race.

The name on the account is Petrelis 4 Supervisor 2014. Checks and money orders should be made out to that name, and be sure to include the required details about your address, city and state, occupation and employer.

3. A mail box has been rented at the post office on 18th Street in the Castro. Send contributions, letters of support and other materials to this address:

Petrelis 4 Supervisor 2014
PO Box 14943
San Francisco, CA 94114

The banking and post office box details have been provided to the elections and ethics agencies, so that info is current with them. Both agencies are always ready to answer my questions and give expert advice.

You can also make donations via PayPal using the addy.

4. Last week, we attended the mandatory training workshop put on by the Ethics Commission, which was held on the fourth floor at City Hall during the lunch hour. Of the dozen or so folks around the table, first time potential candidates all, we were the furthest ahead with a campaign and many of those folks are still in the gathering-info phase. Kudos to assistant ethics deputy Shaista Shaikh who was extremely informed and prepared, and ran the workshop with finesse and charm.

I received a certificate from ethics stating I had attended and it was another step on the road to November's election.

5. One of the potential challengers at the workshop was Juan-Antonio Cabrallo, who may run in District 2, asked for my contact info afterward so I could give him advice on the steps we've taken thus far. I'm encouraging him to toss his hat in to the ring and get started on filing the appropriate papers to do so.

6. Longtime friend and confidante Todd Swindell continues to do amazing work maintaining the campaign Facebook page and TTwitter account. Be sure to like the FB page and follow the tweets, and tell all your friends and family folks to do the same, please.

Thanks, donors and all supporters!

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