Sunday, April 06, 2014

Campaign Kickoff Pledge: Expand Rent Control for All Tenants!

As expected, the official launch of my race for the District 8 seat on the Board of Supervisors attracted a small crowd at Jane Warner Plaza on April 5. About a dozen friends and supporters showed up for a short photo-op and the raising of some bucks. After the past two weeks of filing necessary forms with the Department of Elections and Ethics Commission in order to accept donations, I am confident we'll get enough money to pay the filing fee and get on the November ballot.

The location of the public toilet kiosk at Castro and Market Streets was chosen so I could make points about the need for more such facilities for homeless folks and all to use, along with pushing the Department of Public Health to open a fixed-location bathhouse for the homeless.

Since my volunteer Todd Swindell created our campaign page on Facebook on Thursday, we've picked up forty likes. Cruise over to the page now and like it, please. We used the advertisement on the kiosk for our own creative messaging.

I wore a Russian peasant shirt picked up last month for a song at the San Francisco Opera's costume sale, and chose two important messages on my buttons. The first was the ACT UP rallying cry of "Silence = Death" and also "Tax the Rich. Duh."

Here I am with donor Daniel Ponte, as he fills out the contributor card so the Petrelis 4 Supervisor 2014 campaign can accept his donation and meet the requirements of the law. The SF Weekly sent reporter David Elijah-Nahmod to cover the low-key kickoff.

He and I spoke about my pledge to push a few central issues starting with expanding rent control for all tenants in housing created post-1979, retroactively taxing Google and all tech buses using City infrastructure, financial audits and assessing compliance with all sections of the Sunshine Act of every nonprofit receiving $250,000 or more in City funds (especially HIV/AIDS groups), reclaiming public property from the clutches of private firms and merchant groups, and immediate removal of the faded, pigeon poop encrusted rainbow banners on utility poles blightly the beauty of the Castro.

There was no need to mention the incumbent and his name didn't come up until Elijah-Nahmod noticed this omission.

A reporter from KPFA Radio called from Berkeley to ask a few questions for last night's news. I hope she used my quote about the importance of giving District 8 voters a choice in November other than the current Supervisor.

Thanks to all who showed up or emailed their support yesterday, everyone who has donated or liked our FB page. Please make a donation via PayPal using the addy and help get me on the ballot!

All photos credited to Bill Wilson Photos.

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