Thursday, April 26, 2012

SF Supes Public Comment Vid:
Kill Homos, a Tinfoil Hat & Jesus

One of the highlights of the weekly Board of Supervisors' Tuesday meetings is the time reserved for public comment. Citizens are given two-minutes to address the politicians, and everyone watching on the city's cable access channel or via the web. The majority of speakers are smart, make cogent points and use their two-minutes wisely.

The meeting this past Tuesday had only three or four intelligent speakers, with a few very wacky and entertaining people getting up at the microphone to address the Supervisors at the end of public comment. Here's the pertinent vid excerpt from SF Gov TV:

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Among the goofballs was a man who talks about the Ethics Commission hearing on Monday regarding the removal of Ross Mirkarimi as sheriff, and segues into how two supervisors should also be brought before that commission for ethical violation. Does he name the supervisors? No, but he assures everyone that watching the old TV show "The Untouchables" will provide clues. For extra chuckles, he requests a sympathy statement regarding the passing of Davey Jones from the Monkees.

The next speaker was a Christian fundamentalist labeling the supervisors "ministers of God" and says they're all pro-homosexual. He then lambastes them for being pro-homosexual and reminds everyone that the Old Testament called for executing homosexuals. Who knew America's Bible belt extended to San Francisco?

After this guy, a young woman tried to talk about benefit corporations or districts, a matter previously voted on at the board, so the president kept interrupting her to say since they had already dealt with the issues, the rules disallowed her to speak on the matter.

The following speaker wore a tinfoil hat and posed the question of why this was so. He said it was the only way he could object to medical experiments that were being forced upon him. His photograph alleging showing dangerous lesions at the center of his brain was projected for all to see, before he ended with a demand for police action about the wrongs done to him.

Our final member of the public to address the supervisors told how a judge had denied his request to change his name. What new name did he want? None other than that of Jesus Christ. Oh, brother.

Only in San Francisco, kiddies. Only here can you watch and listen to such nutty and laughable comments from the general public on a weekly basis.

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