Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Nurse Ratched Walks Hubby to Reiki

(Mike and I smiling for my sister Angela, who took the photo during our trip back East a few years ago.)

My husbear and life partner Big Mike is recovering quite well, after experiencing mild heart troubles and spending Sunday night in the hospital.

I am fulfilling my duties as Nurse Ratched and it's my belief that Mike is doing more healing from all the blood draws, injections, invasive procedures and delivery of other healthcare services than from his heart problems.

It's great to have him at home, taking it very easy and enjoying time off from his work down at the law firm.

Early Tuesday evening I walked with him over to the Immune Enhancement Project, so he could receive a much-needed Reiki treatment. When Mike returned home, he had that Reiki-bakey glow about him and I was so happy to see him extremely relaxed. More Reiki appointments coming up in the next few weeks for my man.

We want to say a big thank you, to everyone who's prayed for Mike and expressed their love and concern for him. Your prayers are part of the healing process and they're effective.

Now, if you'll excuse Nurse Ratched, she is off to the farmers' market at UN Plaza to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables for her patient.

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