Monday, April 02, 2012

Hubby's Heart Troubles,
The ER & 'The Deep Blue Sea'

[UPDATE: Mike is back home! He is doing great. Thanks for your prayers.]

Big Mike and had just left the theater last night after watching the wonderful new film by gay director Terence Davies, "The Deep Blue Sea", when he said he was experiencing what felt like early signs of a heart stroke. After we chatted and embraced, he soon was off in a taxi to the emergency room seeking medical care, and I bicycled home to worry about him.

Long story short, Mike thankfully didn't have a heart attack or stroke but definitely experienced sensations indicating stress on the heart. He was kept overnight, has endured numerous tests and procedures giving a basically clean bill of health, and in a few hours will be discharged and on his way home.

My husbear sounded quite upbeat in our phone calls, despite a lot of confusing reports and evolving diagnoses from the dozens of doctors, lab technicians and nursing staff. It sounds like the dedicated health care professionals throughout the California Pacific Medical Center system where he's been receiving services and care, have been wonderful and very attentive to his needs. Thanks, for taking care of my man!

Mike's brother Greg back in South Dakota asked about the movie we saw and said he expects a full review from Mike, and that his urgent care visit to the hospital is no excuse for not having a review ready to share. Greg and I shared a much-needed chuckle over the expected movie review.

We welcome your prayers for Mike's health and good humor.

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Angela said...

So happy Mikey is ok and on his way home.
Sending love and chicken soup to you both!