Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Pot Protesters Push Back
Against Oakland Raid by Feds: Vid

Looking over a good deal of the grassroots and mainstream media video and TV coverage from Monday, I am impressed with how mouthy and uppity the activists were - directly in the faces of the assorted federal law enforcement officials carrying out the raid on Oaksterdam University.

This vid is the most impressive of those I've seen. Give that assertive chick kudos for standing up to the agents.

If I had been at this scene and the authorities were armed and trying to drive a large vehicle away from the crowd, the last thing I'd be doing is getting pushy with the agents and blocking the vehicle. But thankfully the Oakland protesters had no problems making their deep displeasure known to the feds.

After watching the news two-days ago after another man with a gun went on a killing rampage at Oikos University, that left seven people dead, a horrible contrast was presented to the public.

We saw for the umpteenth time how easy it is for mentally unstable men to acquire guns and murder people, with little to no federal effort to prevent such men from obtaining the killing tools they desire. At the same time the rampage was happening, several federal agencies decided to bust a medical marijuana operation that has not killed a single person.

It's no pipe dream to consider how safe our streets and school could be, if only the federal law agencies and their agents put more of a priority on controlling guns and bullet, than on stopping citizens from growing and using cannabis.

What I don't understand is why my U.S. Senators, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, are silent about the continuing cannabis raids, executed by the federal prosecutors like Melinda Haag who received their appointments with the blessing of Boxer and Feinstein.

Why are California's two U.S. Senators saying nothing about the raids and demanding that resources behind the busts get redirected to prevent gun deaths and violence?

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