Sunday, February 19, 2012

Outed Gay GOP AZ Sheriff
Gave to Homo-Hating Pols: FEC File

(From the left: Unidentified law enforcement muscle hunk, Babeu and Gov. Jan Brewer, posted at her Flickr account.)

That Paul Babeu is some piece of work. He's the GOP Arizona sheriff who's made a name for himself in recent years taking a hardline against undocumented immigrants, pushing a fence on the Mexican border, embracing Sen. John McCain's 2008 bid for the White House and serving as a local chair for the Mitt Romney campaign.

Oh, he's also gay and according to an expose in the Phoenix New Times, had a sexual and political relationship with an undocumented gay male who has been identified only by his first name, Jose. The paper alleges, with copies of text messages, that the gay sheriff threatened to have Jose deported if he exposed their relationship. Get more facts and photos related to the outing of Babeu here.

I was surprised that Babeu, the sheriff of Pinal County who lived in a town called Queen Creek (hehe) when he made the contributions as a member of the Chandler police force, earns enough to make donations to politicians according to his Federal Election Commission files.

Babeu gave $1,250 in 2008 to Arizona GOP candidate David Schweikert's failed bid for a U.S. House seat. During the campaign, the candidate made his anti gay marriage views clear: "Traditional marriage is the basis for a functional society." Schweikert ran again in 2010 and this time won the race. If there's anything out there showing a pro-gay bone in Schweikert's body, I couldn't locate it.

The gay sheriff also donated $250 in 2007 to Arizona state senator Tim Bee, who ran against Gabrielle Giffords and lost that Congressional race.What sort of anti gay politician is Bee? An answer from his Wikipedia entry:

In 2008, Bee sponsored a measure to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage in Arizona. Arizona voters voted against a similar measure in 2006 and the proposed initiative was the source of considerable controversy, resulting in a dramatic last minute clash between legislators at the close of the 2008 session. Ultimately, as the President of the Senate, Bee cast the decisive vote in favor of putting the amendment on the Arizona ballot in 2008. The amendment passed by a 56-44% margin.

The accountability tactic of outing was invented because of men like Babeu.


DavidEhrenstein said...

He's a perfect GOProud Republican.

Anonymous said...

Call me a self-homo-hater, but that Babeu is a hot tamale. I detest his politics but I'd do him.

Lonnie said...

This also points out a huge mistake us queers make with regard to gay marriage and other civil rights struggles. Those who oppose our rights do so for POLITICAL reasons, not religious reasons. The trailer trash down the street may oppose your rights because his paster told him to do so, but he is a politician. Politicians who oppose LGBT rights are not opposing our rights for religious reasons. They are opposing them for political reasons. Sometimes they use religion as an excuse (ie many Republicans). Other times they don't (ie many Democrats). We have got to stop debating religion. It's nothing more than a distraction. How many Republicans who built careers on bashing queers have been found sucking dick in a dark motel room? It's time to stop being apologetic and nice about our rights and start getting angry.

Anonymous said...

First of all, being Republican- does not mean you are a social Conservative. There are also different types of Conservatives, for example like myself...

I'm only Conservative when it comes to fiscal issues, and national security issues- as they are based in common sense when followed. Liberal economics, and national security always ends in disaster.

When it comes to social issues, I could care less of what someone is doing- so long as they are not hurting anyone else, me, or the country and are happy. And I have no problem with homosexuality.

Paul Babeu is NOT a social Conservative, so calling him a hypocrite is quite silly; if it were Rick Santorum on the other hand- then this would be hilarious, and yes he'd be a hypocrite.. Right now though, he's just a dickhead lol.

Second, People who try to use religion (Christianity), to bash, or justify their hate towards gays.... Are NOT Christian- and know not one damn thing about Christianity. Its important for YOU to know it- so you and crush them at their own sick game, making them look like the ignorant frauds that they are.

I look at all civil rights movements, pretty much like The X-MEN; especially since it was inspired from civil rights issues of its day.

The gays who are all angry- and run about disrespecting religion, or present themselves in unsavory ways, as what we may see, and what I've seen in gay pride events (especially in San fran).. Basically radical activist- they basically mirror the "Brotherhood" Magneto's group. All they do is scare- and reinforce ignorant views and stereotypes people have.

Then there are gays like many of the friends that I have- who carry themselves in such ways- that dispel all ignorant views, and have changed people's hearts and minds. They aren't ashamed of themselves by no means, nor are they trying to hide.

They fight more intelligently- and most importantly without hate and anger; and so they remind me of X-MEN.

Finally- more and more Republicans are (especially younger ones), are moving away from the social issues- or just not caring. Liz Cheney is adored by so many Republicans its wild, and Dick Cheney has stated, based on what he's seen with his daughter and her partner- he's rethought his views on homosexuality.