Thursday, November 17, 2011

Andy Humm to Mixner:
Disassociate Yourself from Bloomberg

(Andy and Ann. Credit: Bill Bahlman.)

Democratic gay consultant David Mixner's post about Tuesday's assault on Zuccotti Park, in which he fails to mention Mayor Michael Bloomberg and deplore him by name for the raid and trampling on the First Amendment, today has a wonderful comment from a reader.

Andy Humm, who's an old friend and veteran LGBT/AIDS/progressive activist in New York City, and co-host with Ann Northrop for Gay USA, had this to say to Mixner:

Please accept responsibility for helping put Bloomberg back in office and condemn his fascist tactics in trying to stop OWS--brutality against the demonstrators, clearing their camp in the dead of night, throwing their library into a dumpster, and barring the press from covering it. You endorsed him for his outrageous grab at a third term. It is not too late to disassociate yourself from him. 

Thanks so much, Andy, for pushing Mixner to do the right thing and speak out against Bloomberg's dangerous political maneuvers in recent days. So far, Mixner has not responded to Andy's comments, a situation that I hope changes. Silence about Bloomberg is quite lame.

My previous post on Mixner and other LGBT Bloomberg backers not publicly condemning the mayor is here.


Dean Van de Motter said...

I am amazed at David Mixner. Endorsing Bloomberg's third term was bad, but refusing to condemns his attack on Zucotti Park is unforgivable.

Michael said...

i agree with andy - it's not too late for mixner to disassociate himself from bloomberg and his stupid tactics this week.