Tuesday, November 01, 2011

11-11-11: Castro to Fly Old Glory
for Gay Vets & Peace Advocates?

Rumors have been circulating in the Castro that the bully of the neighborhood, Steve Adams who serves as president of the local Sterling Bank and head of the Merchants of Upper Market Castro, has again been spreading hot-air about finally creating a transparent process for flagpole requests and posting the rules on the MUMC site.

As with so much Adams claims about the flagpole, his latest promise has not turned into reality. The MUMC site lacks even an iota of info about their control of this piece of public property and nothing is posted about requests to use the flagpole for educational purposes.

For these and other reasons, I have submitted the following request to Supervisor Scott Wiener. I hope he will not only respond to this request within 48-hours, but that he also exerts resources to hoisting the Stars and Stripes in the Castro on 11-11-11. Here is my request to him:

Dear Supervisor Wiener,

November 11 is Veterans' Day and I am asking you to direct MUMC and the Department of Public Works to honor both gay servicemembers and peace advocates on this day, by flying the American flag at Harvey Milk Plaza. Let me make it clear: I am not asking you to fly two flags on that day. Just Old Glory without the gay flag, for 24-hours.

As you know, the Castro neighborhood quickly mobilized in 2-days' time back in 2003 lowering the rainbow flag and flew the American flag, after the Supreme Court ruled in our favor on the Lawrence v Texas case.

I believe we have more than enough time to locate an appropriately-sized American flag to run up the Castro's public flagpole on Veterans' Day this year, especially if you are amenable to carrying out this simple, cost-free patriotic act that would pay respect to gays who serve in the military and gays who work for peace.

Will you grant my request and direct MUMC and DPW to collaborate to guarantee that our public flagpole at Market and Castro Streets properly commemorates Veterans' Day, by flying the Stars & Stripes that day?

A reply within two-days is requested.

Michael Petrelis

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