Friday, September 23, 2011

Stachelberg: White House Gay Liaison
Designated to Serve the President

(Screen capture credit: C-SPAN.)

In Washington, when there's bad news to get out, experienced hands know to release it on a Friday because traditional and new media outlets, and the public, are not paying standard and alert attention to politics.

So it was that earlier today the Obama White House and gay kitchen cabinet advisor Winnie Stachelberg rolled out the appointment of an unknown low-level administration official to be the president's liaison to the LGBT community. A big yawn on many levels.

If it weren't for news burps about the latest Democratic Party flunky moving in or out of the liaison position, I'd forget about the guy and whatever the eff it is he supposedly does for ordinary gays. The former honcho at the gay Democratic Victory Fund served as Obama's first and longest rep to us, and he held lots of off-the-record meetings and arranged invitation lists to assorted bill signings and cocktail reception for gay leaders and a few ordinary folks.

He's now on the president's reelection team, doing basically the same essential bondage task - keep the gay dollars and votes secure and tied to Obama for 2012.

When his position on Democratic Party's plantation changed locations, the White House brought in a one or two month interim replacement. I can't be bothered to search for his name or be reminded of his thin resume.

And don't get me started on that terrible and obedient and subservient Richard Socarides, who took flack for Bill Clinton when Don't Ask, Don't Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act became law.

Presently, the third liaison is ensconced within the Office of Public Engagement and it's time to no longer task anyone in this office with liaising with LGBT Americans. We don't need this crumb and illusion of access to befuddle our political agenda. We have the Human Rights Campaign to do that.

Speaking of HRC, let's remember the president is addressing their DC dinner next month, he's already received their hearty 2012 endorsement and Stachelberg, who is the genuine gay liaison for the administration, maintains her bonds with her former employer and friends at HRC.

Please, brothers and sisters, let's end the quaint thinking that says we are so weak we require liaising. Can we grow up and reject this liaison sop business?

(Click here for coverage of the new liaison at Metro Weekly and the Washington Blade.)


Michael Bedwell said...

So the former HRC hack who helped turn it into the spineless money sucking monster it is today, Winnie Stachelberg A.K.A. "Lizzie Borden," is on the loose again? After BRAGGING last year about being the one who took an ax to the original DADT repeal bill—GUTTING any ban on discrimination against gays IN the military or bar to discharges being BROUGHT BACK in the future—this lesbian Kapo for Pentagon homophobes is now praising the appointment of fag Kapo AT the Pentagon Gautam Raghavan—apparently the liaison for her hatchet job—to replace Brian "Better Alert The Secret Service About Choi Et Al." Bond as so-called White House LGBT liaison saying "he was the person who the community worked with from the Pentagon on the repeal & I think the results them speak for themselves.” YES, THEY DO, Lizzie, and that's why we should be frightened, very frightened.

And as long as we're on the subject of phony White House gimmicks, have you noticed how many good-intentioned but totally naïve gay boys & girls have fallen for the petition app? They actually BELIEVE the horseshit that IF they get the required minimum of 5000 signatures on a "petition" and send it to the site that the "response" they get from the WH flunkies will MEAN something. Just think, if the Caesars had the Internet they'd never have had to spend all that money on Coliseums and gladitorial bouts to narcotize hoi polloi. At least in this arena, only Hope gets killed. As the old expression goes, one doesn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Michael said...

hi michael,

you're really on a tear tonight, and what you have to say needs to be heard by more gay folks. glad you're not holding back with the well-deserved criticism.