Thursday, September 22, 2011

SF Film Society Tonight
Celebrates New People Cinema's Opening

There is no better way to kick off the fall film season than joining fellow cineastes and ordinary movie-lovers at the grand opening of the San Francisco Film Society's New People Cinema tonight starting at 6 PM. The venue is located at 1746 Post Street, near Webster Street.

Highlights of the evening include the following attendees and festivities:

At this historic celebration, leaders from the Japanese American community, representatives of the San Francisco consular corps and members of the Bay Area film community will join San Francisco officials, Seiji Horibuchi of New People and Film Society staff and board of directors in a ribbon cutting ceremony at 7:15 pm with a toast to christen the new theater, accompanied by a Taiko drum performance.

The state-of-the-art theater has a capacity of 143-seats and a rather long official name: the San Francisco Film Society | New People Cinema. Doesn't quite roll off the tongue, and the society has asked me to use the full name or the acronym SFFS | NPC. Still a mouthful that doesn't lend itself to some cute and ez pronunciation.

How to refer to it with shorthand? Ess-Eff-Eff-Ess, Enn-Pee-Cee? Siffens-Pic?

We'll think about this minor branding matter, as we schmooze with everyone tonight and while watching films at the venue. If you've got a fun, short way to call the theater, please share your suggestion. 

I've looked at some of the programming for the fall and it's clear what the SF Film Society intends to deliver at the New People Cinema is a smorgasbord of mini-international film festivals, off-beat midnight shows with music, one-night indie presentations, interactive panels for filmmakers and the audience, kid-friendly movies and a home for wayward cinema addicts.

What's not to love about SFFS | NPC! See you at the celebration tonight.

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