Tuesday, September 06, 2011

IRS 990s:
NAPWA, Whitman-Walker Clinic Disclosures

Last week, as part of my continuing campaign to expand the number of gay and HIV/AIDS groups that post at least three-years' worth of IRS 990s, two organizations agreed to my requests to either increase how many returns are posted or to initiate posting.

In all honesty, it was easy and quick to work with Whitman-Walker Clinic's communications coordinator Chip Lewis because his group was already disclosing its most current 990 on their financials page. It took just a few days for Chip to include the two previous 990s on the clinic's site.

Click here to read the clinic's returns, audited financial statements and eight-years of annual reports.

Also last week, after more phone calls and emails over two-weeks, the leaders at the National Association of People With AIDS were persuaded to begin sharing their IRS 990s on their site. I truly wish NAPWA had been quick to understand why they needed to enlarge their commitment to sunshine to the PWAs they serve, and also made fiscal transparency at AIDS service and advocacy organizations a top priority.

Click here to look at NAPWAs two 990s, one strategic plan and two annual reports.

Frank Oldham, the executive director of NAPWA, phoned me and gave some background about their transparency policies. I've pushed him and his colleagues to look at being leaders on transparency to guide ASOs in giving clients a clear picture of fiscal stewardship by executives and hope NAPWA begins serious work on transparency across AIDS Inc.

Have you asked your favorite gay or AIDS group to share at least three of their most current IRS 990s on their site? We all need to push for sunshine.

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