Monday, May 09, 2011

Singer's Jamaican Concert Canceled
Over Anti-Gay Lyrics

I've heard this record before, in which a singer from Jamaica is accused of promoting hate and violence against gays in his songs, he runs into trouble with concert producers over the meaning of his lyrics and then claims his message was misunderstood.

What makes the case of Lutan Fyah stand out is that he's suffered one concert cancellation, and not in the United States or over in the United Kingdom or European Union, but in his home country of Jamaica. Fyah is pictured above in a courtesy photo.

Remind me when the last time was such a cancellation happened in Jamaica for alleged anti-gay lyrics, because I can't recall when we've seen such an episode like this in recent years. There have been similar problems for other Jamaican performers with anti-gay reputations and track-records, right?

Further, I've Googled for the lyrics to one of his songs said to contain homo-hating lyrics and couldn't locate the words, so if you know where to find the lyrics, please let me know.

From the eTurboNews site. Sorry but I don't know what he is saying in Jamaican Patois:

Veteran Reggae artist, Lutan Fyah, has come under scrutiny since allegedly performing anti-gay lyrics at this past Sunday’s Western Consciousness show in Westmoreland, Jamaica. ... Fyah reportedly sang a borage [sic] of anti-gay lyrics during his set at the Reggae show. However, the Jamaican Reggae artist claims that his lyrics were misunderstood.

Said Lutan Fyah, “Yuh always have some people inna the media weh seh me a bun out homosexuality but anuh suh it guh, mi a bun out the Catholic priests dem weh a molest the youth dem when dem guh a church.”

Furthermore, Lutan Fyah suggested that his “Save The Juvenile” single that caused the initial stir is aimed at calling out the Catholic priests who are accused of sexually abusing young boys. ...

As a result of said incident, Lutan Fyah has had an upcoming show cancelled. ...

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