Wednesday, May 11, 2011

HRC's May 12 Shopping Spree in S.F.

If the Human Rights Campaign has done any overt, public mobilization of the San Francisco gay community in the past 7-9 months, I missed it.

HRC garnered buckets of ink and some TV air-time when in December they took over the lease of Harvey Milk's old community center/camera shop on Castro Street, and that move roused A-gay and grassroots mobilization against HRC, so one might say they did mobilize local folks.

But actual grassroots organizing from HRC in San Francisco, dedicated to bringing change at the federal level? I've yet to see hard evidence of it, and this week the organization is holding a shopping spree night at a fancy designer's boutique downtown.  

I believe the gay community across America would benefit immensely if HRC went out of business tomorrow as a Democratic Party affiliated advocacy group, and instead morphed into a social networking entity, whose only mission would be operating a chain of housewares and clothing stores and hosting fabulous evening galas with red carpets and velvet ropes.

Until then, we can all shop at this boutique event tomorrow night and learn exactly what it is HRC does to protect gay rights. Someone should inform the local steering committee that there's a gay community center that would also make for a great venue for regular town hall meetings.

From HRC:

Join us for a fantastic evening of HRC Updates,
Cocktails, a Live DJ, & Shopping! 

Learn about the work HRC is doing to protect the rights of LGBT Americans at the FABULOUS Ted Baker London boutique in San Francisco

Ted Baker London
Union Square
80 Grant Avenue

Thursday May 12, 2011 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM PDT
You'll enjoy:
  • Fabulous shopping with a 20% discount
  • Complimentarty TEDtinis
  • Live DJ
  • Conversation with other local members of HRC and our community
Feel free to contact me, or any member of the Human Rights Campaign San Francisco Bay Area Steering Committee if you have any questions.We look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Kelly Herrick
SF Bay Area HRC Steering Committee
kelly.herrick [redacted]

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