Wednesday, November 12, 2008

(The $600 Man: Kevin Cathcart.)

Lambda Legal ED's $600 to No 8;
Earns $276,882

I shouldn't be too hard on the relative small amounts of donations from the top folks at our leading gay legal advocacy firm Lambda Legal. After all, they may have not approved of the closeted campaign operation by the No on 8 folks, or, maybe they knew we were gonna lose and they didn't want to waste their money with larger donations.

The executive director of Lambda Legal, Kevin Cathcart, according the Prop 8 donations' search engine, donated $500, but in an email to me he said the figure was not current. He gave an additional $100, for a grand total of $600.

The 2007 IRS 990 filing for the organization shows that Cathcart's total compensation package was $276,882. Click here to read the tax filing.

With that kind of salary, I guess he couldn't afford to donate more to defeat Prop 8, what with the high cost of living in NYC.

What about other top folks at the organizations and their donations?

John Westfall, the development director earned $202,968 last year, and he donated $500 to the campaign.

Jon Davidson, legal director took home $182,452 in 2007, and contributed $400.

Frances Goldstein, deputy director, earned $166,149, and she gave zilch.

Leslie Gabel-Brett, EPA director, took home $161,325, and donated $350.

Hayley Gorenberg, deputy legal director, earned $152,441, and gave nothing.

The total amount paid to the Lambda Legal agency's top people in 2007 was $1,142,217.

Click here to use the donations' search engine.

In terms of total donations, so far, the numbers may increased as the search engine is updated, these folks as individuals amounts to $2,350.

Of course, the organization may have made donations to No on 8, and if they did, and they provide me with the info on any such donations, I'll print that info here.

Sure, this organization does lots of good work for gays, but the donations from the directors seems quite slim.


Brian Welker said...

Perhaps they were all tapped out by the Obama campaign.

Rose said...

How much did you donate?
I heard you didn't give a cent, why all the finger pointing?

Anonymous said...

And they laid off 10 people a couple weeks ago, because they didn't have enough in the budget to keep them.

Anonymous said...

The mayor of Palm Springs gave $100.00