Monday, September 22, 2008

Obama Rally in Wasilla Attracts 60

The local newspaper for Sarah Palin's hometown, the Frontiersman, reported over the weekend on a rally held last Friday. What was so special and newsworthy about it? The fact that this was an action for the Obama/Biden ticket. Nice to see a few dozen folks showed up and publicly voiced their opposition to McCain/Palin, while also rallying for political change in November.

BTW, my gay eye caught two things of queer interest in the photo from the Frontiersman. One, look at the large green street sign in the upper left section. It reads Crusey Street, which I hope is pronounced cruisy. Second, dig the hunky silver-goateed bear with the Vets For Obama sign on the lower right. He'd be quite popular at San Francisco's Lone Star Saloon, a bear lair.

Here's an excerpt from the news article:

WASILLA — Nearly 60 supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama — and at least one supporter of Republican candidate John McCain who stood in the background — livened up a moody September Friday with a spirited rally.

Witty signs and shouts of praise for Obama came from the revelers. And although those passing by were generally cordial, a few one-finger salutes and derogatory comments were hurled from those motoring past on the Parks Highway at the intersection of Crusey Street.

Patti Fisher, a Wasilla resident who helped organize the rally, said she wanted to make clear the event was not an anti-Gov. Sarah Palin showing. “What we want is people to know not everyone is for McCain-Palin,” Fisher said. “We want people to know there is an alternative."

Using 21st century connectivity, Fisher said she began e-mailing friends about the planned corner rally, which eventually blossomed into a mass e-mail
announcement . . .

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