Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Jews 4 Jesus Clarifies Remarks at Palin's Church

Three little words: Fab U Lous! The Jews for Jesus web site was updated this afternoon because of his role in putting the McCain/Palin campaign on the defensive about his talk at the governor's church. One more big drip, added to all the other drips the GOP has to deal with over Palin, that ain't going away. This group promises more info soon. Can't wait for them to feed more crumbs to the mainstream press, hungry to take down the McCain/Palin campaign. I wonder if I should walk over to the J4J headquarters, only five blocks from where I live, and offer assistance in helping them get their views on the talk their leader gave at Palin's church out to the media, just to keep feeding that hungry media beast that smells GOP blood in the water.

From the Jew for Jesus site:

David Brickner was recently a guest speaker at Wasilla Bible Church, the church Sarah Palin attends. Please be aware that his statements regarding God's judgment have been published out of context in a way that we feel is misleading.

David holds the traditional evangelical belief that God judges all people for sin, and that Jesus is the solution for the sins of everyone who will repent and receive God's gracious forgiveness.

We are preparing some links in case you have any questions about David Brickner's views on God's love for Israel, or God's judgment for sin. Please come back in a little while.

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Adorable Girlfriend said...

As a Jew, I heart the Jews for Jesus. Especially because not only are they a known cult, they put JC in Judaism where he is not and they add sin to the teachings. If my friends over at J4J knew anything about said religion they'd know we were not born of original sin and we do not believe in sin.

Reading that website is most fun late at night with a bottle of cab and some popcorn.