Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gay Alaskans Protest Ex-Homosexual Meeting

I've been getting in touch with gay Alaskans, and to my pure delight there are quite a few out of the closet gays and allies, and one site I'm impressed with is run by E. Ross called BentAlaska.

Check out the fabulous and informative web site and read a report from a protest over the weekend promoting gay visibility, love and full acceptance, as an ex-gay group proselytized inside a church.

From the report, which notes the large, and welcome, participation of our parents, friends and loved ones:

"Our gay kids are not sick, they're not evil, and they don't need changing," said Jane Schlittler, chair of PFLAG Anchorage. "We're here so that truth wins out."

Kirt and Roger stand together near the church parking lot. They were married in Canada, the first gay couple from Alaska to be legally wed.

"I'm here for people like Stuart Matis," said Roger, "a young gay man in California who thought it better to put a bullet in his head rather than live with the shame that these people in the church create."

Here are two photos of the action. Judging by the folks in the pictures, and seeing practically all youthful faces, I am pleased to see younger generations of gays hitting the streets up north for LGBT visibility and political organizing.

And finally, here is the clip of the local TV news story on the ex-gay meeting and pro-gay action outside:

Hey, all you bent and gay Alaskans -- San Francisco says:
We love you! Keep up the great activism.

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E. Ross said...

Thank you!! We are everywhere, even in Alaska.