Thursday, September 25, 2008

Meghan McCain, Like Her Father,
Must be Stopped!

I'm tired. Really tired of almost eight horribly long years under Bush and Cheney. I'm sick of the constitutional perversions they've carried out, among other atrocious acts. When I think of the "you never know what will happen next" way in which they carried out the most extreme plans on their agenda, I get nauseous. America is too great and precious to me to allow four more years of reckless leadership without a fight.

It's not enough to work to keep McCain away from the Oval Office. His entire team and family members who been actively campaigning for him, particularly Meghan with her "golly-gee"-infused blog, must be kept away from getting their hands on the levers of powers that come with the White House.

Now is the time for me to declare myself one American who wants to close the book described by McCain's daughter Meghan on her blog today:

Hi everyone. As I'm sure you have seen, there's a lot of uncertainty over what we'll be doing in the next few days. We were so excited to get back on the trail, starting tomorrow. We're waiting to see what happens along with everyone else. As soon as we know, we'll fill you in. Another chapter in the "you never know what will happen next" book is unfolding...

The only reason why that book is unfolding the way it is, is because of the spoiled POW brat heading up the GOP ticket.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike. Have you ever considered recording some of your statements on video and posting them on YouTube? The video format opens many more opportunities than a blog.