Saturday, November 15, 2014

SF Faerie House For Sale in January: No More Orgies?

(Composite image of a few sections of the colorful interiors and front exterior of this legendary house. Courtesy photo.) 

The tremendous positive queer benefits, especially the spiritual and sexual healing, that occurred at the Faerie House in San Francisco cannot be over-stated. Owner Marty Kahn is an unsung homo hero for allowing so much pleasure to flow from the bodies and minds of queers at his home. Thanks, Marty!

This house welcomed all men, and women too at the pansexual orgies, regardless of age, body shape, economic status, cock size, being HIV poz or negative, skin color and our communal culture was allowed to flourish and be fabulous and justly celebrated.

All this happened without the Nanny State monitors of AIDS Inc groups or the Department of Public Health. There is so little queer space not colonized by commercial interests or intrusive busybodies on the government payroll or receiving state grants, making this house extraordinarily necessary for the natural evolution and development of our communal norms and sexual healing arts.

Mike and I went there countless times over the years, especially for the Tuesday Sucks events, and so many times we enjoyed the company and bodies of other dudes we otherwise would not have engaged with.

One of my favorite memories from the Faerie House was the memorial orgy honoring our friend and sex icon Scott O'Hara. It was a medium sized crowd and everyone was on a good vibe and pulling out all the stops to laugh, love and remember Scott's enormous endowment and sweetness. I learned two new sexual positions that night!

Members of the Bay Area Faerie Circle have created a Facebook page, explaining the upcoming sale of the property and an effort to keep it in queer hands. We wish them all the best with this project. From the faeries press release:

The 14th Street House (known as the Faerie House by some) is going on the market in January 2015. For over 25 years, this house has been a residence, a safe space for sex-positive gatherings, and a nexus for radical sexuo-spiritual community. 

In 1988, it was purchased as a place for gay men to gather and build individual and communal intimacy at a time when bathhouses and other spaces were closing due to the AIDS epidemic. Since then, this refuge has taken on a multifaceted meaning. 

Various leather, kink, sex-positive, yoga and pan-spiritual groups have hosted and participated in events that touched - even transformed - the lives of many people in San Francisco and the wider world. 

The 14th Street House Project is working with the San Francisco Community Land Trust to create a housing cooperative (6-8 low/moderate-income tenants) to steward and maintain the house in a sustainable model, keeping it accessible to its various communities and a safe space for future generations. 

The Project’s goal is to raise $900k in pledges and donations by the end of 2014 to fund this joint purchase of the 14th Street House. Interested donors should contact us at:

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